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Over $200 Million funded to 35,827 small businesses

We offer micro business funding as low as $2000

We approve jumbo business cash advances as high as 1 million


  • "NYMCA IS THE ONLY SOURCE for alternative business funding & traditional merchant cash advances for small to medium sized US businesses. We were funded fast and applying online was easy. The application process was all online. I applied with my phone!"

    Andrew, Albany/NY

  • "NO BANKS, NO WORRIES. Get business funding wired to your bank account for same day funding. Nano, Micro, Jumbo Business Cash Advances Available! Prime Business Cash Advances and Subprime Merchant Cash Advance Funding Available."

    Joseph, Queens/NY

  • "We’ve simplified the process. We made the whole merchant cash advance application process online. No harassing phone calls. We can get you funded for your business in just 1 day! Have three months business bank statements ready to upload and apply online for the fastest approvals."

    Mark, New York/NY


Time in Business
Monthly Gross Sales

Even if you have bad credit or have been denied a small business loan, you may still qualify and be pre-approved for a merchant cash advance in as little as 24 hours.

How Business Funding Works

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Easy Application

Fill out our quick apply form - no upfront fees or application costs and perfect credit is NOT required. We approve over 97% of our merchant cash advance applications. If you do not accept credit cards we will simply look at your monthly sales cash flow and based a business funding offer on your monthly cash flow. We offer micro funding and nano funding as small as $2000. These micro business funding options are in the $5000-$10000 range and nano merchant cash advances range from $2000-$4000. Our online application is easy and simply and you'll get answers in 1 business day. Jumbo Merchant Cash Advances are available up to $500,000 thousand to $1,000,000 million.

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Instant Funding

We fund from $1,000 to $5,000,000 in as little as 24 hours. Have access to instant working capital and the fastest business funding process, use it for nearly any of your businesses’ needs and goals. Even if you have inconsistent revenues, tax issues, low deposit volume, high NSFs, or other credit issues we can get you multiple offers in the subprime business cash advance segments. Our instant funding program is all processed electronically and mobile friendly. Get funded and a wire transfer to your business checking account, the entire process through your mobile device! Fastest underwriting and merchant cash advance approval source.

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Easy Payback

We have 2 options for payback. For option 1 we will simply debit your business checking account daily, or weekly and offer you a simple and straight forward re-payment plan to pay off the business advance. Option 1 is based on your monthly sales volume that is purchased in advance and your ability to pay back the funding. For option 2 known as "split funding advance", We receive a small % of your credit card receipts until we receive our prior advance. A portion of your credit card batch deposits is diverted to pay back the business cash funding advance. No collateral and the lowest rates & best terms. Payback is easy and automatic.

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    Why choose NYMCA Merchant Cash Advance?

    National Premier Business Funding | NYMCA
    Up to $5,000,000 or More Approved within 24 Business Hours

    NYMCA, headquartered in New York City, is the nation’s premier business financing firm. Years of partnership and relationship building have helped us to develop an extensive network. Our hedge fund has access to various funding sources: direct bank relationships, private equity funds, venture capital funds and private investors - granting you fast access to working capital to meet any of your business and financial needs.

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  • At NYMCA we understand that the tightening of credit markets can make it difficult for small and medium-sized businesses to raise much needed capital.
  • Lack of capital is the number one reason that businesses fail to succeed.
  • However in current economic times traditional lending sources are unavailable to most merchants.
  • Businesses’ need quick and easy access to cash to continue running everyday operations as efficiently as possible.
  • NYMCA’s merchant cash advance program provides business owners a solution to obtaining quick capital for almost any of their businesses’ needs.
  • NYMCA can advance up to $5 million or more for your business needs.
  • NYMCA receives a daily ach if you do not take credit cards. The funding is based on your monthly revenues and cash flow. If you do process credit cards you can also opt for a small percentage of credit card receipts until the advance is paid back.
  • NYMCA can advance up to 2 times your average monthly credit card receivables.
  • Access to Extensive Network of Lender Resources and Partnerships
  • Years of Experience and Expertise
  • Direct Funding Source - Save Time and Money
  • Easy Payback and No Fixed Payments
  • 24/7 Professional Customer Supports
  • Modern Technology - Enhanced Accuracy
  • Easy Renewal and Additional Funding Process
  • Fill out our Quick Apply Online Approval Form
  • Fill out our Online MCA Application Form
  • Wait for our Representative to Contact You Directly to Complete Your Qualification Process
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    We offer Daily ACH, Weekly ACH, and Credit Card Processor Split Funding

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    Over $200 Million funded to 35,827 businesses
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